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About Gigapanorama

We created Gigapanorama Legionistów on 10th October 2010 during "the match which no one has seen before". Footballers of Polish Legia Warsaw and Dutch ADO Den Haag played a friendly match on the pitch. All the money raised during this charity event was given to one of us – to Warsaw club’s supporter Wojtek "Legia" Wisiński.

In the picture, with dimension bigger than 2 GigaPixels (101810 x 20206 pixels), there are all the fans who were then in the stands of Marshal Józef Piłsudski Polish Army Stadium. This image is a unique remembrance to anyone who was a part of this big fans feast.

Our project is the first such spectacular project in Europe and one of the first in the world. Moreover, Gigapanorama Legionistów is the biggest one which has ever been created during sports events!



Why is Gigapanorama Legionistów record-breaking?
How many people are there in this picture?
How much time did it take to take this photo?
How many pictures is this Gigapanorama made of?
Why are some people on this photo more than once?
What kind of photographic equipment was used to create this panorama?
How big was the team which was working on this project?

You can find more information about the Gigapanorama in the section About project.

Information for press

Download our press release and media package below. The package includes snapshots from this panorama, which you can use in your publication.

About Legionisci.com and vr24.pl

Legionisci.com is an independent portal which informs people about all teams of Legia Warsaw. It has been online since February 1999. Thanks to support of many contributors and a couple of friends you can follow the teams' results and the activity of Legia’s fans every day.

vr24.pl is a portal dedicated to panoramic photography. You can see there many examples of panoramas and you can buy all accessories (both hardware and software) needed to shoot such pictures.

We would like to say "thank you" to all the people who helped us create this panorama!