Without Chinyama to the end of the year

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Jan Urban will be able to put neither Marcin Mięciel nor Piotr Giza, nor Wojciech Szala, nor Takesure Chinyama in the first lineup in the match against GKS Bełchatów. "Mięciel should be ready for the next game. Theoretically I could take the risk and let him play against the team from Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, but his injury could refresh" – said Legia's coach.

"Giza trains individually. He should soon recover. Szala might return for the last match this year. Mięciel and Szala are aged players. This is difficult to tell something about Chinyama's disposition. He neither plays nor trains. He's being rehabilitated, but this is not the same as trainings" – added Urban.
Zimbabwean attacker won't be probably able to play to the end of the year.

Legia's coach thinks that the injuries are not results of the overburden. "If Rzeźniczak and Rybus complained about the injuries, then we could say that they were overburdened, because they did a lot. But Bartłomiej Grzelak won't let himself overburden..."

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