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Polish Cup: Lech Poznań 1-1, p. 4-5 Legia

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After three years of waiting footballers of Legia managed to win the main trophy of the Polish Cup – the golden cup, again. In the final game, which took place at Zawisza’s stadium in Bydgoszcz on Tuesday, they defeated players of Lech Poznań 5-4 in penalties. After full time both teams were drawing 1-1. The first goal was scored by Lech in the first half but Legia equalised after the break. Extra time didn’t emerge the winner, so there was necessity to conduct a penalty shootout. We induce you to see two comprehensive photo reports from the game: the first one prepared by Mishka, and the second one by Hagi.

Warsaw team’s supporters presented two impressive stands shows during the game. First, we were able to see a huge inscription "ULTRAS" made of colourful pieces of cardboard. In the second half fans lighted several flares and smoke pots.

Polish Cup (final game): Lech Poznań 1-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-1), p. 4-5 Legia Warsaw
1-0 29’ Dimitrije Injac
1-1 67’ Emanuel Evaristo (Manú)

Penalty shootout:
0-0 Bartosz Bosacki (Lech)
0-1 Alejandro Cabral (Legia)
1-1 Semir Stilić (Lech)
1-2 Marcin Komorowski (Legia)
2-2 Artjoms Rudnevs (Lech)
2-3 Ivica Vrdoljak (Legia)
3-3 Tomasz Mikołajczak (Lech)
3-4 Jakub Rzeźniczak (Legia)
4-4 Hubert Wołąkiewicz (Lech)
4-5 Jakub Wawrzyniak (Legia)

yellow cards: Wojtkowiak, Bosacki, Djurdjević, Wilk, Injac, Rudnevs (Lech) – Rzeźniczak, Wawrzyniak, Vrdoljak, Hubnik (Legia)
referee: Paweł Gil
attendance: 16000

If you want to check the match report, visit this webpage.

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