Polonia Warsaw 1-2 Legia Warsaw

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After a horror derby game Legia’s footballers coped with their local rivals from Konwiktorska winning 2-1 at their stadium on Saturday evening. The final goal was struck in the injury time by Dominik Furman.

The first half finished with a goalless draw. In the 52nd minute of the match Legia’s Jodłowiec and Ljuboja made use of Polonia’s goalkeeper mistake and after a nice action Serbian attacker hit the ball which found its way to opponents’ net.
Four minutes before the full-time Polonia’s players equalised although Łukasz Piątek, who scored the goal, was in an offside position.

Fortunately, the team from Ujazdów managed to score the winning goal just before referee’s final whistle.
Legia’s supporters had to wait seven years for their team’s victory in Muranów.
What’s worth mentioning is the fact that Polonia’s fans who gathered in the stands of their club’s stadium to support their team… fought against each other. The row was fomented by inner groups of rightists and leftists.

We induce you to see 63 photographs from the match taken by Mishka.

Polonia Warsaw 1-2 (0-0) Legia Warsaw
0-1 52’ Danijel Ljuboja
1-1 86’ Łukasz Piątek
1-2 90+1’ Dominik Furman

yellow cards: Todorovski, Baran, Tosik, Hołota, Wszołek (Polonia) – Wawrzyniak (Legia)
referee: Paweł Gil
attendance: 4.000

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