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Lech Poznań 2-1 Legia

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In a very important game Legia lost 1-2 with Lech in Poznań on Sunday evening.

The first half was quite matched although it seemed that Legia had been prevailing a bit on the pitch. Everything went quite well until the 62nd minute of the game when Legia’s Arkadiusz Malarz was shown a red card by the referee.
Warsaw team’s goalkeeper didn’t want Lech’s Kasper Hämäläinen to score a goal. Unfortunately, he touched the football with his hand outside the penalty area. The referee could make the only right decision – he sent off Legia’s goalkeeper. Warsaw team was left with only ten men on the pitch.
Warsaw club’s coach had to make a substitution. Michał Masłowski left the pitch to let Dušan Kuciak enter the field. The free kick was executed by Lech’s Barry Douglas. Unluckily, Kuciak didn’t reach the ball and Lech was leading 1-0.
Four minutes later it was 2-0 for the club from Poznań. After a textbook counterattack Kasper Hämäläinen defeated Kuciak with a nice shot.
Six minutes before the end of the game Legia struck a contact goal. Michał Kucharczyk defeated Lech’s goalkeeper with a powerful shot. Unluckily, there was no time for another goal, so eventually Lech won the game 2-1.

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Lech Poznań 2-1 (0-0) Legia Warsaw
1-0 66’ Barry Douglas
2-0 70’ Kasper Hämäläinen
2-1 84’ Michał Kucharczyk

yellow cards: Arajuuri, Lovrencsics, Pawłowski (Lech) – Vrdoljak, Żyro, Kucharczyk (Legia)
referee: Tomasz Musiał
attendance: 41.545

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