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Marcin Smoliński is on a loan in ŁKS to the end of the season. Fans of Legia welcomed the player very warmly on Saturday. Smoliński appeared in this match as an offensive midfielder. We decided to peer at his game. We can estimate his performance only as correct. He was trying to assist unaccompanied Ostalczyk, however it didn't succeed in scoring goals.
In the first part of the game the head-up-challenges won Dickson Choto. In the 32nd minute "Smoła" managed to carry out a lob and he left the ball to Ostalczyk fifteen metres from the goal, but the attacker of ŁKS failed to score a goal. Before the break the loaned player tried to run alone to the Legia's goal, however he was stopped by Pance Kumbev.

Overall, Marcin Smoliński shot at Mucha's goal three times, but all of them were missed. The most serious situation was in the 85th minute, but his shot from the left side of the penalty area flew 2-3 metres from the post.

We present you below the after-match statistics of Marcin Smoliński (in the brackets the first and the second half).

Marcin Smoliński
Game time: 86 minut
Accurate shots: 0
Missed shots: 3 (1+2)
Offsides: 0
Accurate passes: 16 (7+9)
Missed passes: 2 (1+1)
He fouled: 1 (0+1)
Was fouled: 1 (1+0)
Ball collection: 2 (1+1)
Ball loss: 5 (4+1)

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