Skorża: The result is good for Spartak

Michał Mugerman - Wiadomość archiwalna

Maciej Skorża (Legia’s coach): After a good match from our side, it is unfortunate that Spartak is in a better situation. However, I have no grievances towards my players. They played a good match against such a team. I especially liked the first half - that’s how we were supposed to play. The rivals didn’t have an upper hand, and after scoring the early goal, we had many more situations to score. The second half was a lot worse. After the beautiful goal which set the score at 1-1, things became shaky.

Ljuboja made a great play during the goal for 2-1. However, we lost the second goal too quickly. For that I have grievances towards the players. We lacked experience in that moment. We should have pushed back the players away from our net, but instead we conceded a goal. As I have stated - the result is good for Spartak. Nonetheless, we showed that we can play. I believe that we can score in Moscow, and advance. Miroslav Radovic will be absent, but we’re going to Russia to win. Starting the second half is difficult for us. However, it is not surprising that Spartak scored a goal so quickly in the second half. They are a good team, which can score a goal in any minute. We will work on that part of our gameplay.
I still don’t know who will replace the players who will not be able to play in Moscow, but we all know that I don’t have much to choose from. Vrdoljak will play for sure. Besides him, there are also the players who came on from the bench today - Michal Kucharczyk, Michal Zyro, and maybe Moshe Ohayona. It is too bad that the effort which we put into this match did not give us a good position before the second match. Our goal was to have a result which would allow for a tie in Russia. Of course, we could tie 3-3, but I was hoping for something more. Regardless, I would like to underline that we played a good match, and I see progress in our gameplay. Prior to the match, we told our players to watch out for Ari. The first goal showed his worth. The second goal was the fault of our defenders, who basically helped him score. I’m not saying that we underestimated him, but we should’ve played more aggressively against him.

The goal which was scored early on in the game did not mix up our game plan. We did not fall into a state of euphoria, however our fans did help us out a lot. We have no other options but to show equal commitment and fighting spirit on the field, as our supporters in the stands.

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