by Hagi

Śląsk fans will come via a scheduled train

Michał Mugerman - Wiadomość archiwalna

The tickets for the Sunday match against Śląsk Wrocław have gone on sale in Warsaw. The same thing goes for Wrocław, where the tickets have also gone on sale for the away match. Śląsk fans will come to Łazienkowska street via a scheduled train, or whatever means they seem fit. Their sales will be open until Friday, and only then will we know if they made use of the whole pool of tickets available.

During the past weekend, the fans of WKS went to Chorzów in a group of 500, although Ruch made 1000 tickets available to them.

Last season, 1400 Śląsk fans (along with their friends) arrived in Warsaw. The Sunday match will begin at 5 PM.

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