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Europa League: Legia 0-2 Napoli

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Legia Warsaw lost its second match in the UEFA Europa League. This time Warsaw team’s footballers were defeated 2-0 at their own stadium on Thursday evening by Italian Napoli.

The first half of the game was rather even.
Both teams could score goals but none of them managed to do that and that’s why those first forty-five minutes finished with a goalless draw.
After the break Napoli’s players were more active on the field and this “enlivening” resulted in two goals.
In the 53rd minute Italian footballers carried out a nice action on the wing. They centred the ball into the penalty area. The football was intercepted by Dries Mertens, who scored a nice header.
Six minutes before the end of the match Gonzalo Higuaín determined its final result. He kicked the football so accurately that it found its way to Legia’s net (centimetres from the crossbar’s and post’s juncture).

We induce you to see photo reports from the game.

UEFA Europa League: Legia Warsaw 0-2 (0-0) Napoli
0-1 53’ Dries Mertens
0-2 84’ Gonzalo Higuaín

yellow cards: Rzeźniczak (Legia)
referee: Michael Koukoulakis (Greece)
attendance: 26.357

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