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Polish Cup: Legia 4-0 Lechia

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After a demure 1-0 victory over Lechia in the first leg of Polish Cup’s semifinal, Legia played the return match on Wednesday, hoping for the promotion to its final. Warsaw footballers predominated over their opponents practically in the whole game. This resulted in goals for the team from the capital Poland. After the end of the first half, players from Warsaw were leading 1-0 thanks to a tremendous shot of Miroslav Radović in the 24th minute. We induce you to see three photo reports from the game: the first one prepared by Mishka, the second one by GeoS.

After the break this was only better. Ivica Vrdoljak struck the second goal in the 63rd minute. Few minutes before the third goal, Michał Kucharczyk entered the pitch, replacing Maciej Rybus. Manu passed him the ball and the footballer started running along the left part of the field. When he was in the penalty area, he wanted to pass the ball to Michal Hubnik. However, the pass was blocked by Lechia’s defender Krzysztof Bąk. Unfortunately (or fortunately) his intervention was so unlucky (or lucky) that the ball found its way into the net and Legia was leading 3-0. But this wasn’t the end. Two minutes later Manu passed the ball to Kucharczyk who struck the fourth goal for Warsaw club with his head.
Eventually, Legia won 4-0 and won the promotion to Polish Cup’s final, which takes place in Bydgoszcz on 3rd May. Its rival will be Lech Poznań.

Polish Cup: Legia Warsaw 4-0 (1-0) Lechia Gdańsk
1-0 24’ Miroslav Radović
2-0 63’ Ivica Vrdoljak
3-0 77’ Krzysztof Bąk (own goal)
4-0 79’ Michał Kucharczyk

yellow cards: Vrdoljak, Manu (Legia) – Traore, Surma, Nowak (Lechia)
referee: Paweł Pskit
attendance: 16448

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