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Piast Gliwice 1-2 Legia Warsaw

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Legia defeated 2-1 Piast Gliwice on Monday evening. However, these were Piast’s footballers who scored the first goal. After Legia’s defenders mistake in the 10th minute of the match, Kamil Wilczek sent the ball to Kuciak’s goal. Players from Gliwice were leading 1-0 for more than a half an hour. Finally, after a nice action of Michał Żyro, Ondrej Duda decided to shoot the ball towards Piast’s goalkeeper and he managed to defeat him and a few minutes before the end of the first half Legia equalised.

The second half was boring and terrible. Practically nothing happened on the pitch and until last seconds of the game it seemed that Legia’s players were going to draw the game with the result 1-1. But then a miracle happened – Warsaw club’s two substitutes Jakub Kosecki and Wladimer Dwaliszwili scored the winning goal. The first one centred the ball into penalty area and the other one sent it to Piast’s goal.

Legia won 2-1. Moreover, it also was Legia’s 1000th victory in the league.

We encourage you to see 51 photographs from the match taken by Mishka.

Piast Gliwice 1-2 (1-1) Legia Warsaw
1-0 10’ Kamil Wilczek
1-1 43’ Ondrej Duda
1-2 90+4’ Wladimer Dwaliszwili

yellow cards: Murawski, Wilczek (Piast)
referee: Jarosław Przybył
attendance: 5.600

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