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Cracovia Cracow 1-3 Legia Warsaw

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Legia Warsaw defeated 3-1 Cracovia in Cracow on Saturday evening. The match didn’t start well for the team from the capital of Poland because in the fourth minute they lost their first (as it turned out later the only) goal. Cracovia’s Dawid Nowak took advantage of a through ball and defeated Dušan Kuciak.
In the 23rd minute Legia’s Jakub Kosecki equalised after a nice shot into the goal corner. The first half finished with a 1-1 draw.
The beginning of final forty-five minutes couldn’t be better for Henning Berg’s team. Just two minutes after the break Tomasz Jodłowiec hit the ball from the 25th metre and put it in the corner of the goalpost.
In the 73rd minute Marek Saganowski was fouled by one of Cracovia’s footballers in the penalty area. A minute later Legia’s captain Ivica Vrdoljak executed it precisely and scored the third goal for his team.
No more goals were struck in the game and the match finished with Legia’s 3-1 defeat over Cracovian team.
It’s worth mentioning that Legia’s Konrad Jałocha had to substitute Dušan Kuciak in the 57th minute because of an injury.

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Cracovia Cracow 1-3 (1-1) Legia Warsaw
1-0 4’ Dawid Nowak
1-1 23’ Jakub Kosecki
1-2 47’ Tomasz Jodłowiec
1-3 74’ Ivica Vrdoljak (penalty)

yellow cards: Rymaniak, Dudzic (Cracovia)
referee: Mariusz Złotek
attendance: 8.308

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