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Piast 3-1 Legia

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Legia has lost its third game of the current season. This time Warsaw footballers were defeated 3-1 in Gliwice on Sunday afternoon by Piast’s players. Although the team from the capital of Poland tried to fight on the pitch, its actions and attacks were ineffective. Moreover, the whole team including Legia’s goalkeeper Dušan Kuciak made a lot of mistakes which resulted in losing goals.
Piast scored its first goal in the 16th minute. Igor Lewczuk made a terrible mistake trying to pass the ball to Jakub Rzeźniczak. He did it so inappropriately that the football was intercepted by Kamil Wilczek, who defeated Kuciak.
Twenty minutes later Legia’s goalkeeper made a mistake in the penalty area. He lost the ball which was immediately intercepted by Wilczek, who struck the second goal for his team.
Fourteen minutes before the end of the match everything was clear. Kuciak made another mistake – he tried to bounce off the ball but did it so unfortunately that it was seized again by Wilczek, who achieved a hat-trick.
In the last minute of the match Ondrej Duda managed to strike a face-saving goal for his team.
Eventually, Piast won 3-1 with Legia.

We induce you to see Mishka’s photo report from the game.

Piast Gliwice 3-1 (2-0) Legia Warsaw
1-0 16’ Kamil Wilczek
2-0 36’ Kamil Wilczek
3-0 76’ Kamil Wilczek
3-1 90’ Ondrej Duda

yellow cards: Rzeźniczak, Bielik (Legia)
referee: Bartosz Frankowski
attendance: 7.417

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