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Polish Cup: Legia 3-1 Pogoń Szczecin

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In the 1/8 final of the Polish Cup Legia defeated 3-1 Pogoń Szczecin at Łazienkowska. It may seem that it was an easy game for Warsaw club but it wasn’t. Legia needed extra time to win because after 90 minutes there was a 1-1 draw.
The first goal was scored in the 11th minute by Pogoń’s Łukasz Zwoliński. Legia needed twelve minutes to equalise. Michał Żyro received a pass from one of the players that were in the centre part of the pitch and defeated Pogoń’s goalkeeper with a precise kick.
After this goal both clubs were trying to find the way to opponents’ net but they were unlucky. 90 minutes of the game finished with a draw and that’s why Legia and Pogoń had to spend extra 30 minutes on the field. This time was fortunate for the team from the capital of Poland. First, Łukasz Broź properly executed a penalty after a foul on Ondrej Duda in the 93rd minute of the match and later Tomasz Jodłowiec defeated rivals’ goalkeeper with a very solid kick.
The result didn’t change and eventually Legia won 3-1 and was promoted to the quarterfinal.

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Polish Cup (1/8 final): Legia Warsaw 3-1 (2-1, 1-1) Pogoń Szczecin
0-1 11’ Łukasz Zwoliński
1-1 23’ Michał Żyro
2-1 93’ Łukasz Broź (penalty)
3-1 107’ Tomasz Jodłowiec

yellow cards: Rzeźniczak, Astiz, Vrdoljak, Jodłowiec, Duda (Legia) – Bąk, Kun, Murayama (Pogoń)
referee: Szymon Marciniak
attendance: 15.412

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