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Europa League: Legia 2-1 FC Metalist Kharkiv

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Legia has won its fourth game in a row in the group phase of the UEFA Europa League. This time Warsaw players defeated 2-1 FC Metalist Kharkiv at Łazienkowska on Thursday evening. Thanks to this victory Legia has been promoted to the 1/16 final of this European tournament.
Nevertheless, the game didn’t start well for Legia because the first goal was struck by the opponents from Ukraine. After a corner kick and Marek Saganowski’s mistake, who missed the football, Vasyl Kobin sent it directly to Dušan Kuciak’s goal.
Just seven minutes later the one who made the mistake redeemed himself by scoring an equalising header.
A few minutes before the end of the match Ondrej Duda, who took advantage of Orlando Sa’s pass, spelled it out striking the second goal for Legia.
Eventually, Warsaw club defeated 2-1 Ukrainians.

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UEFA Europa League: Legia Warsaw 2-1 (1-1) FC Metalist Kharkiv
0-1 22’ Vasyl Kobin
1-1 29’ Marek Saganowski
2-1 83’ Ondrej Duda

yellow cards: Rzeźniczak, Kucharczyk, Sa (Legia) – Villagra, Torres, Edmar, Kulakov (FC Metalist)
referee: Eitan Shemeulevitch (Israel)
attendance: 25.809

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