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Europa League: FC Botosani 0-3 Legia

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In the second leg of the second qualifying round (UEFA Europa League) Legia defeated 3-0 Botoșani in Romania on Thursday evening and won the promotion to the third qualifying round of the tournament.
The first goal was scored in the seventh minute by Guilherme. Ondrej Duda passed the ball to Michał Kucharczyk, who saw the Brazilian player and whom he kicked the ball. Guilherme directed it to Botoșani’s net with a firm kick.
In the 38th minute Nemanja Nikolić was fouled in the penalty area by one the Romanian footballers. The referee signalled for the penalty kick to be taken. Nikolić executed it and his shot found the way to rivals’ net. The first half finished with Legia’s 2-0 leading.
After the break there was only one more goal scored by Warsaw players. In the 84th minute Aleksandar Prijović received the ball from the centre part of the pitch and he was philosophic about directing the football to Plamen Iliev’s goal.
Legia won 3-0 and in the third qualifying round is going to play against Albanian Futboll Klub Kukësi.

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UEFA Europa League: FC Botosani 0-3 (0-2) Legia Warsaw
0-1 7’ Guilherme
0-2 38’ Nikolić (penalty)
0-3 84’ Prijović

yellow cards: Cordos, Costin (Botoșani)
referee: Alexandre Boucaut (Belgium)
attendance: 6.000

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