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2nd fixture: Legia 5-0 Podbeskidzie

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Legia’s players outclassed 5-0 Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała at Łazienkowska on Sunday evening.

Warsaw footballers started the game with their rivals’ own goal in the fourth minute. Nemanja Nikolić centred the ball into Podbeskidzie’s goal area. Bartosz Jaroch tried to save his team from losing a goal but he intervened so badly that he directed the ball into his own net.
In the 33rd minute Nemanja Nikolić managed to defeat rivals’ goalkeeper. Guilherme controlled the ball in the middle part of the pitch, next he passed it to Nikolić, who unflinchingly put the football in the back of the net.
Four minutes before the break Aleksandar Prijović headed the football to Nikolić, who didn’t defeat Podbeskidzie’s goalkeeper. Fortunately, Michał Kucharczyk managed to finish the action and Legia was leading 3-0.
In the second half the audience could witness two more Legia’s goals. In the 75th minute Michał Żyro struck the fourth goal for his team. He kicked the ball a few metres in front of the penalty area towards opponents’ goal and he put it a few centimetres below the juncture of the crossbar and the post.
Two minutes before the injury time Ondrej Duda struck the final goal for his team. He fought out the football and defeated competitors’ goalkeeper.
Eventually, Legia won 5-0 with Podbeskidzie.

Check out three photo reports from the match.

Legia Warsaw 5-0 (3-0) Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała
1-0 4’ Bartosz Jaroch (own goal)
2-0 33’ Nemanja Nikolić
3-0 41’ Michał Kucharczyk
4-0 75’ Michał Żyro
5-0 88’ Ondrej Duda

yellow cards: Rzeźniczak (Legia) – Jaroch, Sokołowski (Podbeskidzie)
referee: Bartosz Frankowski
attendance: 13.082

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