Polonia Warsaw 2-1 Legia Warsaw

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In the derby game which took place at the General Kazimierz Sosnowski Stadium on Sunday, Polonia Warsaw defeated 2-1 its local rival Legia. This has been the third league match in a row that was lost by the team from Czerniaków. The only goal for Legia was scored by Miroslav Radović in the first half of the game. Goals for Polonia were struck by Jodłowiec and Cani.

After the match had finished, Legia’s player Maciej Rybus said that he was shocked at referee’s decisions who should have punished Legia with lots of yellow cards and who should have laughed at him after he had been fouled several times by Polonia’s footballers.

There were no Legia’s fans present in the stands. They decided not to come to the Polonia Stadium because of an unsatysfying number of tickets (350), which were offered them by the board of the team from Konwiktorska.

We encourage you to see 65 photos from the match taken by Woytek.

Polonia Warsaw 2-1 (0-1) Legia Warsaw
0-1 24’ Miroslav Radović
1-1 61’ Tomasz Jodłowiec
2-1 76’ Edgar Cani

yellow cards: Trałka, Sadlok (Polonia) – Rzeźniczak, Gol, Vrdoljak, Górski (Legia)
referee: Daniel Stefański
attendance: 6.000

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